Dollar General UPS Replacement and Consolidation

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Following an initial study, Puckett Engineering provided design for replacing two B-side UPS systems with one larger UPS system for Dollar General’s data center. This included a 425kW/kVA UPS with lithium-ion battery, Maintenance Bypass Cabinet with load-bank connection, a fire-rated UPS room with floor structural reinforcement, computer room type A/C unit with redundant fans and compressors, dry-pipe preaction sprinkler system, clean-agent fire suppression system, monitoring of UPS, battery, and A/C systems via BAS, and color-coded, detailed equipment I.D. Work sequence was developed for performing the work without disrupting data center operations. Construction admin services also provided, including comprehensive UPS functional and battery discharge testing and A/C testing. Danny Tutt with Travis Electric was the lead electrician for the project.