Overview & Philosophy

Puckett Engineering specializes in mission critical engineering, design, construction administration, and commissioning of facility infrastructure systems and provides the same services for non-mission critical facilities. The company is about making sure your facility infrastructure systems are designed, installed, and maintained in a way that keeps the systems online and maximizes life cycle costs. That’s the critical difference between off and on.


Puckett Engineering is a privately-owned business formed in 1994 by Mike Puckett, PE. Mike is a licensed electrical engineer and licensed master electrician with over 37 years experience in the study, design, and installation of facility electrical systems with a special emphasis in mission critical and power quality applications. Mike started in the electrical field doing electrical construction work for his father’s electrical contracting business (Puckett Electric Company), before college and while attending college. Other personnel also have “hands-on” construction experience, which provides unique advantages in providing design, construction administration, and commissioning services.


The company’s mission is simple and it expresses the company’s goals and values: Puckett Engineering is committed to seeing that its clients’ facilities and systems perform as expected when called upon. In collaboration with the client and design team, Puckett Engineering aims to meet the needs of their clients’ facilities, including sensitive and critical equipment, and thereby keep their business and processes in operation and protected. This begins with gaining a complete understanding of the client’s systems, processes, and goals, to effectively apply the best solutions.

Collaborative Team Partners

From the beginning, Puckett Engineering has collaborated with other engineers that meet its high standards. Through that network, Puckett Engineering provides full facility and infrastructure design and commissioning services.

Environmental Stewardship

Mike Puckett, principal engineer, is LEED Accredited. Even before the Green Building Council began the LEED program, Puckett Engineering was designing its projects to conserve energy and resources, to reuse materials where possible, and to reduce and recycle waste. On every job, Puckett Engineering utilizes sustainable principles in order to provide savings for its clients and to protect the environment. With regards to its in-house operations, Puckett Engineering is adamant about recycling, minimizing waste, and is moving toward a paper-less office.


Puckett Engineering implemented a program to assess the company’s value to its clients and the market. As a part of this effort, a third-party consultant was enlisted to conduct customer satisfaction interviews. Overwhelmingly, Puckett Engineering is held in high regard by its clients. Below are a few of the comments received during the survey.

“From an owner’s standpoint, Puckett Engineering watches out for them. They don’t short-change or cut corners, ever, and the client is taken care of. As far as engineers go, Mike’s one of the best. He engineers a job like no one else.”

– Middle Tennessee-based electrical contractor

“Their technical abilities outweigh other firms….they are my first choice.”

– Nashville-based architect

“What I like about Mike is that he’s someone I can rely on when I need someone knowledgeable.”

– Metro Nashville Facilities Manager

“They communicate with us throughout the process. If there’s a change, they let us know. If something isn’t quite right, they call us and let us know. They don’t wait for us to find out later.”

– Principal Engineer for Aviation Engineering Firm

“Our data center is the most important part of our facility, and if there’s anything at all we need, Mike gets the call.”

– Maintenance Manager for Corporate Data Center for Fortune 200 Retailer

“I think this was one of the best thought out projects I’ve seen.”

– State of TN Elevator Inspector

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