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To maintain the integrity of our designs, Puckett Engineering provides commissioning services to fully test systems for the intended functions and performance. This is especially important in mission-critical applications. For each system, this begins with determining the optimal setup parameters, in coordination with the equipment manufacturers, for the system to achieve the intended functions and performance. A testing document is then prepared for putting the system through a battery of tests and measurements to confirm the intended functions and performance of the system are met, including simulation of faults and “what if” scenarios. For life safety systems, such as fire alarm systems and standby generators used for life safety functions, the testing also includes compliance with applicable codes.

Mission Critical Engineering

Dollar General UPS Replacement

Following an initial study, Puckett Engineering provided a design for replacing two B-side UPS systems with one larger UPS system for Dollar General’s data center. This included a 425kW/kVA UPS with […]

Dollar General Data Center Expansion

Dollar General Data Center Expansion

With Dollar General’s high growth rate, they needed to expand their data center and also wanted to enhance the reliability of the data center’s electrical and mechanical infrastructure systems. Puckett […]

Dollar General Corporate Data Center Study

Dollar General Corporate Data Center

Dollar General, a Fortune 200 company headquartered in Goodlettsville, TN, needed to expand their corporate data center’s critical infrastructure and improve its reliability. Puckett Engineering evaluated the feasibility and cost […]

ESC Lab Sciences Building 1

ESC Lab Sciences Building 1

Due to aging infrastructure and increased growth, ESC Lab Sciences needed to renovate and expand one of their laboratory buildings to meet current and future needs. With the critical nature […]

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