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Engineering Studies

Engineering Studies

Puckett Engineering conducts various types of studies involving facilities' electrical and mechanical systems, such as (1) Feasibility or pre-design studies to evaluate the capacity, condition, and/or remaining useful life of existing systems for potential facility changes or future planning, including evaluating options and establishing budget costs. (2) Lightning studies for investigating equipment and/or facility damage and determining solutions for protecting against future events. (3) Evaluation of systems with respect to functionality, condition, and code compliance. (4) Investigating equipment damage or malfunction and recommending solutions to protect against future events. (5) Investigating and determining the cause of electric shock. (6) Fault-current, Coordination, and Arc Flash studies for electrical power systems. (7) Litigation support and expert witness testimony.

Dollar General Corporate Data Center Study

Dollar General Corporate Data Center

Dollar General, a Fortune 200 company headquartered in Goodlettsville, TN, needed to expand their corporate data center’s critical infrastructure and improve its reliability. Puckett Engineering evaluated the feasibility and cost […]

Metro Nashville Emergency Communications Center Upgrade

Metro Nashville ECC Upgrade

Metro Nashville needed enhanced reliability for the city’s command center for emergency communications. Puckett Engineering, which had previously performed a study for a 2N redundancy upgrade, was retained as a […]

Metro Nashville Public Schools Data Center

Metro Nashville Public Schools Data Center

Puckett Engineering provided the design for additional air conditioning capacity for the UPS and MDF rooms at the Primary Data Center for Metro Nashville’s school system. At Metro’s request, Puckett […]

Metro Nashville Public Schools DC Upgrade

Metro Nashville Public Schools DC Upgrade

Due to MNPS’ emphasis on providing the latest IT tools to its administrators, teachers, and students, Puckett Engineering was chosen to study, plan and design the expansion of the data […]

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