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With the age of the Metro ECC electrical infrastructure and the need to improve the reliability of the system, the ECC was in need of electrical infrastructure upgrades. Prior to this project, Puckett Engineering performed a comprehensive study of the facility’s electrical infrastructure and associated mechanical systems for supporting the ECC for the next 20 years and to address enhancements for improved reliability. As a result of the study, Puckett Engineering was retained for designing upgrades to the electrical and mechanical systems, including replacement and reconfiguration of two redundant electrical services with an auto Main-Tie-Main configuration, replacement and reconfiguration of A-side generator, replacement of UPS systems with highly efficient systems, replacement of distribution Static Transfer Switches, precision A/C systems for UPS rooms paired with existing A/C systems for 2N redundancy, pre-action dry-pipe sprinkler system for critical spaces, and comprehensive monitoring and mapping of critical infrastructure systems. A detailed construction phasing plan was developed for implementing the construction work with minimal interruption to the facility’s operations. Construction Administration was provided, including close coordination with the contractors and Owner and comprehensive commissioning of all systems.  Travis Electric Company served as the prime and electrical contractor, with Danny Tutt as the foreman, and as usual, did an excellent job with impeccable workmanship.

Metro-Nashville ECC Infrastructure Upgrade

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