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Mission Critical Engineering

Puckett Engineering is highly experienced and passionate about performing studies, designing, and commissioning facility infrastructure systems for mission-critical applications. For the electrical systems, this includes supplying and protecting sensitive critical equipment from malfunctions and damage caused by power interruptions, lightning, voltage transients, harmonics, voltage imbalance, magnetic fields, improper grounding, etc. This may involve redundant, fault-tolerant power distribution systems, standby generators, UPS systems, static transfer switches, lightning surge protection, monitoring systems, and other solutions. For mechanical systems, this includes providing high precision and redundant air conditioning for maintaining an acceptable environment for equipment and personnel 24/7 and fire protection systems, including dry-pipe, preaction sprinkler systems, and/or clean-agent fire suppression systems. These services apply to most facilities but especially data centers, E-911 centers, call centers, laboratories, recording studios, broadcast facilities, telecommunications, and industrial processes. Through their collaborative team, these services are also provided for other parts of the facility infrastructure. We aim to completely understand the client’s systems, processes, and goals to effectively apply the best solutions. Contact us for mission-critical engineering in Nashville, TN, and other areas.

Mission Critical Engineering

Dollar General UPS Replacement

Following an initial study, Puckett Engineering provided a design for replacing two B-side UPS systems with one larger UPS system for Dollar General’s data center. This included a 425kW/kVA UPS with […]

Metro-Nashville ECC Infrastructure Upgrade

Metro-Nashville ECC Infrastructure Upgrade

With the age of the Metro ECC electrical infrastructure and the need to improve the reliability of the system, the ECC was in need of electrical infrastructure upgrades. Prior to […]

Dollar General Data Center Expansion

Dollar General Data Center Expansion

With Dollar General’s high growth rate, they needed to expand their data center and also wanted to enhance the reliability of the data center’s electrical and mechanical infrastructure systems. Puckett […]

Dollar General Corporate Data Center Study

Dollar General Corporate Data Center

Dollar General, a Fortune 200 company headquartered in Goodlettsville, TN, needed to expand their corporate data center’s critical infrastructure and improve its reliability. Puckett Engineering evaluated the feasibility and cost […]

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