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Quality Assurance

Puckett Engineering is dedicated to the quality assurance of its designs and studies, the thoroughness of its plans and specifications, and the attention to detail in all they do. Our team strives for excellence in producing designs they can be proud of. Our clients turn to us repeatedly for their mission-critical and non-critical infrastructure engineering. The reason is, they count on our consistent quality of work and performance.

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Review Process

All projects include review and collaboration with the client and team members at developmental stages or at any time during a project where deemed necessary. The principal, Mike Puckett, is involved in every project and conducts periodic and/or final reviews along with the client and team members.

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Standards and Reference Libraries

Our growing digital standards and reference libraries, with checklists, guidelines, templates, and technical documents, are continuously expanding and improving. We’re about continuous improvement. When designs, processes, or methods are developed or learned, they are added to the libraries for future use. As these are refined, the documents are revised. This provides ever-expanding knowledge and expertise, consistency, improves productivity, and reduces the potential for errors.

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Environmental Stewardship

Mike Puckett, the principal engineer, is LEED Accredited. Even before the Green Building Council began the LEED program, Puckett Engineering was designing its projects to conserve energy and resources, reuse materials where possible, and reduce and recycle waste. On every job, Puckett Engineering utilizes sustainable principles in order to provide savings for its clients and protect the environment. With regards to its in-house operations, Puckett Engineering is adamant about recycling, minimizing waste, and is moving toward a paperless office.

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