Our strategy is our commitment to making sure our clients’ facilities and systems stay on and maintain availability, especially when it is critical. In mission-critical applications, this focus takes precedent over every other design consideration. At an E-911 center or a hospital, it can be the difference between life and death. For a corporation depending on its IT and communication systems to conduct business, it can be the difference in thousands or millions of dollars in lost productivity and/or revenue. That’s why we go the extra mile, and why our in-house design standards and review process set the bar for quality.

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Our Process


Every job gets the Puckett Engineering treatment. We listen, think, and solve. That means beginning with a full understanding of your goals and needs and what defines success. We don’t take this step lightly. This step lays the foundation for everything we do.


Next, we study potential solutions. This will mean different things for different projects, but the essential idea is that we thoroughly evaluate various solutions in collaboration with the client.


When the solution is determined, we develop the design into construction documents with the same thoroughness and collaborative approach. Contractors will tell you that we engineer our jobs like no one else.


To ensure the systems stay online and perform as intended, we stay involved during installation and observe, review, verify, test and retest to confirm the systems function as designed. That’s the critical difference between off and on.

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Logo Design

What’s the story behind the Puckett Engineering logo? It was inspired by a photo of the legendary inventor and engineer Nikola Tesla seated in front of the spiral coil of his high-frequency transformer at East Houston Street, New York. An array of lines radiating from a point, creating a circular pattern, can be seen on the coil. Tesla is acknowledged as the father of alternating current as well as one of science’s most farsighted and complex geniuses.

In addition to the association with Tesla, the symbol represents the multiple capabilities and attributes of Puckett Engineering, focused on a single point. This focal point is the critical difference between off and on. It’s what motivates us in our relentless pursuit of solutions that work.

puckett engineering


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