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ESC Lab Sciences

Puckett Engineering, in collaboration with Anderson Architects and other consultants provided design services for the expansion and complete renovation of an environmental lab for ESC Lab Sciences. When completed, the facility will include a 15,000 square foot, state-of-the-art laboratory.
The renovation will include complete upgrades to the building’s mechanical, plumbing, lighting, power, and communications systems, including backup emergency power for the entire facility and a UPS system for supplying the critical lab equipment. Utilizing natural gas for the emergency generator fuel source was an important goal of ESC’s. This was a challenge due to the significant more cost for a natural gas generator in the size required for the facility. Puckett Engineering evaluated various solutions and costs for utilizing various sizes and configurations of natural gas generators to make it most cost effective. Since an adjacent building also needed emergency power, it was most cost effective to utilize a natural gas generator system large enough to supply both buildings.
Construction will begin October 2015 with project completion anticipated by mid-2016.

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