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MNPS Data Warehouse Called One of the Best

In a recent article, the Nashville City Paper highlighted the information technology system of Metro Nashville Public Schools and how invaluable it is in supporting teachers, students, and administrators. Metro Schools operates 140  schools serving 80,000 students. The IT system is fundamental to Metro Schools’ mandate for efficiency and improving tracking of school performance. The data warehouse is getting noticed:

The district’s so-called “data warehouse” –– a term used to describe the newly restructured wealth of information on its 80,000 students and 140 schools, packed together in a computer format easily accessible to teachers and administrators –– is increasingly garnering attention as not only one of the best in Middle Tennessee or the state, but across the entire nation.

Puckett Engineering has been MNPS’ mission-critical engineer for the past several years. Puckett Engineering recently designed and oversaw the upgrade to MNPS’ Primary Data Center and creation of their Backup Data Center, enhancing MNPS’ critical infrastructure.

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